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  Clubs and Members in:   Southern California, Iowa, Nebraska, please check their websites.





December 2019
3 TUE----The Danish Brotherhood, meeting 11:30am, followed by a Christmas Lunch, the Alamo. 5 THUR- The DACC, Christmas Dinner / Dance 4:30 pm, Del Rey Yacht Club, Marina Del Ray.
6 FRI-----The Danish Soldiers Club, planning meeting & lunch 11am. The Alamo.
7 SAT----The CHEER Christmas Party, Danish Cultural Center YL. Dinner, Dancing , Entertainment. 8 SUN----The Danish Church, Advent service 11am, followed by Lunch. 11WED---The LA Naverettes, Christmas Lunch, Hulen in Monrovia. Gift exchange, smørebrød.
 13 FRI----The LA Naver Club, Social 5pm, Dinner / Meeting at 6:30 pm, Monrovia Hulen.
14 SAT----The Danish American Club, Christmas Lunch, Cultural Center, 12 Noon
14 SAT----The Danish Soldiers Club, 5 pm Annual Christmas Dinner Dance. Good-by to The Alamo.
       15 SUN----The Danish Church 11am, YL. Lucia-Children's Christmas, Santa Claus, food and fun.
22 SUN----The Danish Church 11am, Advent Service & Lunch.
24 TUE----Juleaften / Christmas service 2pm
25 WED---Juledag / Christmas Day Service 11am.
29 SUN----The Danish Church, service 11am, concert with Helsingøer Pige-Garde, Lunch.

Happy New Year 2020
                                                     Godt Nytaar 2020

Events for 2020 will be posted when Club-organizations info is received.   

March 2020
        The Danish Lutheran Church, Yorba Linda, service every Sunday at 11am. Also on Facebook.
                PLEASE NOTE: The Corona Virus has caused many events to be cancelled.

 6 FRI---   Danish Soldiers Club, with ladies, Lunch and meeting, “Hulen” in Monrovia, 11am.

 8 Sun---- The Danish Sisterhood Lodge, social & lunch, 1 pm, private house in Burbank.

 8 SUN—--Danish Church, Danish Eve service 3 pm, social at 4:30, dinner 5 pm.

 9 MON—-Danish Brotherhood, 11:30 Lunch and meeting, “Hulen” in Monrovia.

13 FRI-----LA Naver Club, Dinner and Meeting. Social 5pm, Dinner 6:30 pm, Place “Hulen
14 SAT----Knudsen Old Timers Lunch,at Noon, Knudsen Hall, Yorba Linda CA.
NOTE:----The Danish Lunch Club, NO meeting in March.

15 SUN—-Danish Church service 11am,   Watch the Church service streaming on Facebook,11am Sundays.

22 SUN---The Danish Church service 11am,Lunch. Also afternoon 1st Aid Class by John Nielsen, please sign up.
19 THU---The Danish American Club, Spring begins Happy Hour, Tustin Brewery Co. 5-7pm, Tustin.
28 SAT----Books & Breakfast presents,"Changemakers" 10am, speaker Morten Toft, Cult. Center YL.
29 SUN---Danish Church, 11am Holy Humor, followed by Pot Lunch at 12 Noon. 
Watch the service on Facebook.
30 MON   The Danish Nat. Comm. (DNC)  11:30 am Meeting and Lunch, Hulen in Monrovia.

                                                           April 2020
       The Danish Lutheran Church, Yorba Linda, service every Sunday at 11am, watch Church service on Facebook.
               PLEASE NOTE: The Corona Virus has caused all April events to be cancelled.
 1 thru 5—Rebild National Park Soc. Annual US meeting in Tempe Arizona, Hotel, tours, Cancelled.
 3 FRI-----The Danish Soldiers Club,with ladies, meeting and lunch 11am. Hulen in Monrovia.
 4 SAT-----Nordic Service 1:30 pm all Scandinavian countries, Nordic hymns. Cal. Lutheran, Thousand Oaks. Cancelled
 5 SUN-----Danish Church, Palm Sunday service 11am.                                                                                                 5 
SUN-----The Danish Sisterhood lodge, social & lunch, 1 pm, private house in Burbank.
 9 THU-----Maundy Thursday, Danish Church YL, 7pm Service and Dinner.
10 FRI-----LA Naver Club, Dinner and meeting, social 5pm-dinner 6:30 pm, Hulen in Monrovia.
10 FRI-----Danish Church, Good Friday, service 7pm, followed by coffee and cake.
12 SUN----The Danish Church, Service 11am, followed by Easter Brunch, Easter egg hunt. 
13 MON---The Danish Brotherhood, Lunch and meeting 11:30 am, Hulen in Monrovia. 
18 SAT.----The Danish Royal Guards and the DNC. Invites you to HM Queen Margrethe's 80th Birthday  Cancelled                                                                                                                               
20 MON-----The Danish Church Golf Tournament, NOTE: moved to Mond. May 4, Anaheim Hills. 
20 MON-----The Danish Lunch Club, with the ladies Lunch and meeting, 11:30 am. “Hulen” in Monrovia. 
24 & 25-----The Danish Brotherhood, Convention in Petaluma CA.           CANCELLED           
25  SAT------Spring BBQ on the patio at the Danish Church, 12 Noon, by The Danish American Club.
26 SUN------The Danish Church, service 11 am. Confirmation and Lunch.
30 THU------The Danish American Club, April Happy Hour 5-7pm. Place, to be announced

May 2020 The Danish Lutheran Church, Yorba Linda, service every Sunday at 11am. now on Facebook.
Because of the Corona Virus many May Events has been Cancelled.
1 FRI-------The Danish Soldiers Club, with ladies, meeting 11 am and lunch, Hulen Monrovia.
 4 MON.-----Golf Tournament, Danish Church: So.Cal Championship. Place Anaheim Hills 11am.Phostphoned
 8 FRI--------LA Naver Club, Dinner & meeting, social 5pm-dinner at 6:30 pm, Hulen Monrovia.
10 SUN------The Danish Sisterhood Lodge, social, meeting and lunch 1pm,private house in Burbank.
11 MON-----The Danish Brotherhood, Lunch & meeting 11:30 am, Hulen in Monrovia.
17 SUN------Danish Eve, in The Danish Church, service 3 pm, followed by Social and Dinner Cancelled
19 TUE------The Danish Nat. Comm. (DNC) planning meeting 11:30 am, lunch. Hulen Monrovia. Cancelled
31 SUN------The Danish Church,service 11am Pentecost service,& Rasmus Skov Boring- sing along. see on Facebook.

June 2020
The Danish Lutheran Church, Yorba Linda, service every Sunday at 11am. on Facebook
All the Danish Organizations hope to somehow have their socials in June?
5 FRI-----The Danish Soldiers Club, with Ladies, 6ft. distance social & picnic lunch, Naver Dalen in Monrovia.?? 7 SUN-----GRUNDLOVSFEST the Danish Church Plaza YL, 9am- 4pm it's a picnic, for everyone. CANCELLED
           8 MON----The Danish BrotherHood , Lunch and 11:30 am, Hulen in Monrovia. ??
         12 FRI------The LA Naver Club, picnic-6 ft. distance social 3 pm, Naver Dalen in Monrovia.
         14 SUN-----The Danish Sisterhood lodge, social-meeting and lunch 1pm, private house, Burbank.??
         15 MON----The Danish Lunch Club, with the ladies, 11:30 am, 6ft distance social lunch, Naver Dalen in Monrovia.??
20 SAT-----The Danish American Club, Sankte Hans Fest, in Yorba Linda CANCELLED.

                                                                           July 2020
Because of the Corona Virus many social activities are uncertain in July
                          All events have limited seating because of social distancing, temperature taken at some events.
                             No events in July for :The Brotherhood, The Danish Soldiers Club, The Danish Lunch Club
           5  SUN----The Danish Church, every Sunday, service 11am, limited seating, and no lunch after the service.
         10   FRI----The Naver Club, Social 5 pm, Hot Dog dinner plus @ 6:30 pm. Follow social distancing, be safe.

                                                                         August 2020
                               Because of the Corona Virus many social activities are uncertain in August
                        The Danish Church, virtual service on Face Book every Sunday,11am. Sing along from home.
          1 SAT-----Olsen's Danish Bakery, our friends Bent & Susy, Celebrates 50 yrs. as owners of their Solvang bakery.
          7 FRI-----The Danish Soldiers Club, 11:30 am, meeting and dinner in Monrovia, (Follow LA social guidelines).

14 FRI-----The Naver Club, Social 5 pm, Dinner 6:30 pm, followed by meeting. (Follow LA social guide lines)
                       The Danish Brotherhood, no lunch/meeting in the month of August.

                        The International 3 day Street Fair in Orange, HAS been Cancelled for 2020.

                                                                         September  2020 

                          Because of the Corona Virus many social activities are still uncertain in September
The Danish Church YL, virtual service on Face Book every Sunday 11 am. Sing along from home.
          4  FRI---The Danish Soldiers Club. Meeting & Lunch with the ladies, social 11am, Hulen in Monrovia.
        14 MON--The Danish Brotherhood, meeting and lunch 12 Noon, with the ladies. Hulen in Monrovia.
        21 MON--The Danish Lunch Club, hope to return to a nice lunch, 12 Noon, Hulen in Monrovia.
        26 SAT---The Naver Club, Navers & Naverettes hope to enjoy their annual Picnic 12 Noon, Monrovia.

October 2020
Because of the Virus, the Danish organizations will announce limited upcoming events
Contact your organization for usual monthly Events.

November 2020
NOTE: Thanksgiving Events virtual and limited seating, COVID-19 is still a problem
Danish Church YL, service every Sunday at 11am. limited seating 7- -SAT---jazz & Show tunes concert on the church patio
8--SUN---Church service, 11 am 15-SUN---Danish Church service 11am 18-WED--Patio Coffee at the Church 21-SAT--The LA Naver Club, Mortens Aften, clubhouse in Monrovia. limited seating.
22-SUN--Church service and Confirmation Zoom, 11am.
26-THU--Church, Thanksgiving service
28-SAT--Church afternoon- Aebleskivers & Gløg-Outside under big tent.
29-SUN--Church service and Advent 11am.
Thanksgiving Events, will be limited as to how many persons can participate
31-SAT----------Church Christmas Bazaar Sales--CANCELLED.

December 2020 Christmas Events to be announced, because of COVID-19 all events will be limited.
5--SAT---Danish Church CHEER Aebleskiver and Gloog, afternoon in tent outside.
6--SUN --Planned virtual Church services at 11am, every Sunday, also limited seating every Sunday. 11--FRI---LA Naver Club, Dinner & Meeting
12--SAT--The Danish Soldiers Club, Christmas get-together, in Monrovia. ???
12-SAT--Church service in Solano Beach
13-SUN---Lucia Festival, Danish Church, 11am, Virtual and limited seating.
14-MON--The Danish Brotherhood, Christmas Cold table lunch, followed by meeting.
16-WED--Danish Church, Patio Coffee.
20-SUN--Danish Church service 11am, virtual and limited seating. 23-THU--Solvang Church service 24-FRI---Danish Church YL, Christmas service 2pm, virtual and limited seating
25 SAT--Christmas DAY, service 11am, virtual and limited seating.

Naver Hulen Monrovia or The Church 2020
Friday Dec.  4------The Soldiers Club, meeting and Lunch. Place: Monrovia
Saturday Dec. 5---The Danish Cheer Committee, Aebleskivers and Gløg, afternoon outside in tent.
Friday Dec. 11-----The Naver Club: Christmas Dinner/meeting. Monrovia
Saturday Dec. 12 --Danish American Club: Christmas Lunch 12 Noon, Church. CANCELLED.
Saturday Dec. 12---The Danish Soldiers Club: Christmas Dinner/Dance. 5pm, limited seating
Monday Dec. 14----The Danish Brotherhood, Danish-cold table Christmas lunch. Monrovia
All the above Lunch & Dinners, could be cancelled due to the Virus- Pandemic.
Yours truly, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Arne B-Land
For US- nationwide Danish Clubs activity go to:

YES, these are chilling times., we all miss, the annual Danish organizations fun events, their families and friends-togetherness,
enjoying Nordic social Events, in our Churches-and/or the Cultural Centers, Clubs, or in some of the other Danish favorite places in the LA area. Please contact your organization for information about usual annual Events.


                                                     Below photos :  from past Events-

Denmark in Sommer
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