The Danish National Committee of Southern California

Welcome - Velkommen

We are a coordinating body between Danish Clubs and Organizations in Southern California.
We act as representatives in matters of a National and Cultural nature, not already assumed by other organizations.
Åh yes, we snakker da også Dansk. ( eller "Danglish" som nogen caller det.)

There are currently 14 member clubs in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, and 1 in Iowa and 1 in Nebraska. Each organization has their own specific purpose, and celebrates their Danish roots and traditions in various interesting ways. The Danish National Committee maintains a calendar for all the member club activities on this website, and the DNC arranges for a coordinating meeting with the member clubs about four times a year.

All the member organizations are listed under Clubs & Members, most with a contact e-mail address. Furthermore you will find important links to a variety of other Danish institutions and organizations. There are other non-member Danish organizations in Solvang and in Northern California
The Danish National Committee awards every year at the Grundlovsfest two scholarships to young people of Danish decent.
Donations are always very much welcome

Board of Directors

Kent Hanson
(626) 233 - 7363

1st Vice President
Paul Christensen

2nd Vice President

Kristian Poulsen


Arne Brinkland

Connie Hanson

1st Trustee
Ron Finely

2nd Trustee
Kirsten Wood


Connie Hanson

Ulla Scott
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